Why you need two advent calendars this year….

I’m sure many of you, if you are anything like me, have your advent calendar open with two doors already.  Never too old for a chocolate advent calendar heh?


Well this year I’ve decided to have two calendars, not two chocolate ones (I wish!) but my new addition this year is a random acts of kindness one.  Each day in December I’m going to do something that will help brighten someone else’s day – just because I can!


If you fancy giving it a go, it’t not too late to start!  There are loads of printable ones out there such as:


But I decided to just have a simple list of 31 things I am going to do this month.  It makes me feel so happy to know that there are 31 extra things I will be doing for other people!


Why not give it a go and see how it makes you – and other people feel!


Southampton Airport’s Massive Mo

November, or should I say Movember has been running for a few years now.   Movember is the leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Southampton Airport have created a 250m long moustache painted in the grass and have invited flyers to post pictures of the image from the air – fantastic!  And for such a great cause….

If you want to see some of the images to date visit @SOU_Airport using #MASSIVEMO or check out thier Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sou.airport

A hidden and unforgotten treasure?

I’m going slightly off piste for this blog.  I have a question for you….

When did you last visit your local, public library?

I have to admit, before I had my son it was a LONG time ago.  I didn’t think I had a need for it and I also had some very misinformed thoughts that libraries were outdated, out of touch with technology and generally, a ‘non applicable’ for me.

How wrong was I?

Libraries are fabulous!  Many of the buildings are a true work of art.  The people inside have a knowledge for books and enthusiasm and experience to share with you.  There are events for people of all ages – and they are mainly free!  You can surf the web, buy things such as local art and crafts – the lot!  You can also, wait for it, borrow books too (my new thing – why buy them for my ipad when I can borrow for free!!)

So, if you do one thing this month why not check out your local library?  Visit them in person or check them out online – you never know, you might just be surprised!!

The best type of selfie? I think so!

I love this marketing campaign that has recently ran across the globe!

Ok, so the selfie we know is here to stay but I was very encouraged to see the latest campaign from UNIQLO which focuses on the selfless selfie. Interesting….

The brand has been looking for inspirational people from across the globe who are doing things to positively impact society – brilliant! It asks you to pledge the good thing you are doing, snap your selfie showing the benefits that you are bringing, post online and the best will feature in 3d selfless selfie exhibition in one of five locations worldwide.


The campaign may have finished but what can you do today to help others, selfie or no selfie?

Following a short interlude…. Here are my favourite blog posts from 2014


It’s been six months since I last posted on here… That’s because I welcomed my beautiful baby boy into the world back in June. How my life has changed since then!

So, to ease me back in gently, I thought I’d start by sharing a few of my favourite blog entries in 2014.

This first post is not just applicable to marketers, we all need a bit of self promotion. Get better at marketing yourself, your career and your personal brand.

The second post is taken from watching an episode of Undercover Boss, one of my favourite programmes. The authenticity and courage shown always inspire me! Four learnings from watching undercover boss.

The final post reminded me that in this hectic world it is easy to not take time out to do something to help others. Giving not to receive but to benefit others.

I hope they provide a little inspiration to you!

Four learnings from watching Undercover Boss

One of my favourite programmes to watch if I have a spare hour is Undercover Boss – from whichever country seems to be filming right now!  I’ve watched a few recently and wanted to share some of the things it made me think about.

It’s hard work – really hard work.  Many of the bosses had a tough upbringing, skipped school, faced tonnes of challenges along the way but they never gave up and showed a level of tenacity most of us could learn from.


They have a passion for people and don’t mind going back to the shop floor.  Bosses seem true ‘people’ people with a genuine and keen interest in the lives of other people.  And not simply just as work, but their personal lives too.  Not just the usual ‘Did you have a nice weekend’ kind of chat..  They really want their employees to grow both in and out of work and are happy to blur the work/personal lines.


They listen to make informed decisions.  Bosses listen with intent and use this information to make future decisions.  They know that often their employees have ideas that will improve the business and they take note.  Simple.


They are authentic.  They have a passion for giving back and helping others.  You can see that money does not always equal happiness alone.   You can imagine that the people on screen we see if the same as in the comfort of their own home.